We would like to honor all of our Past, Present, and Future ISSRT Presidents.  Because of their willingness we have come a long way, learned many things, united behind many causes, and overcome many challenges in the Radiologic Field.  They have guided us through rough waters and calm seas, they have been steadfast in leadership, integrity and honor.   To all of our ISSRT Presidents, we thank you!


Hall of Presidents

*denotes Deceased

2017 Shelli Thacker MS RT(R) - Current year President

2016   Julie Ostrowski, BSHS, RT(R)(CT) 

2015   Tim Cuff RT(R) (MR)

2014   Tim Cuff RT(R) (MR)

2013   Ronnie Tabor RT(R) (MR)                                             

2012   Aaron Sarff RT(R)

2011   Roseanne Paschal Ph D, RT(R)

2010   Mike Gatto M.S., RT (R)

2009   Linda Racki, BS, RT(R)(M)(QM), (RCC)

2008   Mimi Polczynski, MS, Ed.,RT(R)(M)(CT)

2007   April Tatham, MS, Ed., RT(R)

2006   Kimberly Robert, RT(R)

2005   Jerald Greenlee, RT(R)(CV)

2004   Carol Kocher, MS, RT(R)

2003   Kathleen Copelen, RT(R)

2002   Penny Brinkman, BS, RT(R)

2000   Catherine Kukec, BA, RT(R)(QM)

1999   Valerie Byrne, BS, RT(R)(T)

1998   Sandra Saletta, MBA, RT(R)

1997   Cheryl Thompson, RT(R)

1996   Denise I Griffet, BS, RT(R)(T)

1995   Susan Boelkins, RT(R)(MR)

1994   Phyllis Thompson, RT(R)(T), FASRT

1993   Ruby Mabe, RT(R)

1992   Rebecca Waters, RT(R)

1991   Debbie Zoeller, RT(R)(T)

1990   Jerri Lassard, RT(R)

1989   Janis Wheeler, RT(R)

1988   Gary Stevens, RT(R)

1987   Diane Schulz, RT(R), FASRT

1986   Bonnie Wold, RT(R)

1985   Walter Madej, RT(R)

1984   Michael Moehring, RT(R)

1983   Tim Penning, RT(R)

1982   Rick Carlton, RT(R)

1981   Jolayne Jackson, RT(R)

1980   Richard Keen, RT(R)

1979   Barbara Burnham, RT(R), FASRT

1978   Bernice Vallino, RT(R), FASRT

1977   Paul Laudicina, RT(R) FASRT

1976   Dewey Lytle, RT(R)

1975   Nancy Harney Stopplemore, RT(R)

1974   Suzanne Novoselac, RT(R)

1973   Lucile Johnson, RT(R)*

1972   James Anderson, RT(R)*

1971   Lewis Pinckney, RT(R)

1970   Mary Ellen Hughes, RT(R)*

1969   Joseph Miller, RT(R)

1968   Ruth Ann White Maticka, RT(R)

1967   Roger Pflasterer, RT(R)*

1966   Jean Tomlinson, RT(R)

1965   Richard Hopkins, RT(R)

1964   Walter Ziolkowski, RT(R)

1963   Emma Jane Brown, RT(R)

1962   Virginia Milligan, RT(R), FASRT

1961   Virginia Milligan, RT(R), FASRT

1960   Elizabeth Bray, RT(R)*

1959   Connie Loudon, RT(R)

1958   Harriet Kylander, RT(R)

1957   John Doht, Rt(R)

1956   John LaFond, RT(R), FASRT*

1955   Sr. Robert Marie Barclay, RT(R)

1954   Roger Storck, RT(R)*

1953   Ruth Jaffke, RT(R), FASRT*

1952   Lowell Peterso, RT(R)*

1951   Doris MacPhee, RT(R)*

1950   Ethel Voight, RT(R)

1949   Addie Murphy O’Connor, RT(R)*

1948   Br Donald Drawczyr, RT(R)

1947   Harry Whalen, RT(R)

1946   Lois Storbeck, RT(R)

1945   Ethel Nelson Gunning, RT(R)

1944   Bessie Mulica, RT(R)*

1943   Esther Sponberg RT(R)

1942   James Cravens RT(R)

1941   Helen Bopp, RT(R)

1940   Ruth Garms, RT(R)

1939   Esther Perry, RT(R)

1938    Edith Dawdy, RT(R)*

1937   Edith Dawdy, RT(R)*

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